Which Hair Transplantation Method?

12 Jan

PRP supported hair transplantation, robotic hair transplantation, stem cell added hair transplantation, motorized FUE, unshaved FUE… The list continues! Well, which one among these hair transplantation methods is suitable for you?

Let us look at the steps of hair transplantation primarily in order to evaluate the methods of hair transplantation:

  1. To shorten or shave the hair
  2. To make planning on the area to be transplanted
  3. To anesthetize the area with local anesthesia
  4. To collect the roots
  5. To prepare the roots for transplantation
  6. To transplant the hair into new places

There are two different hair transplantation methods accepted in medical literature. The first one is the FUE method by which roots are collected from the nape one by one. And the second one is FUT technique. Both methods are applicable to collection of roots.

However, alternative methods are frequently mentioned with various names in presentation of medical centers through internet searches. All other treatment ways; are related to different steps of hair transplantation steps – all of them are different variations of FUT or FUE technique.

We have compiled some of them for you;

Unshaved FUE – In this method, the hair is not shaved off; the roots are collected as they are according to the suitability of the medical guest and placed into new locations. Its advantage is that the person can return to social life more quickly after the intervention. Its disadvantage the intervention lasts too long and the root may be damaged while taking.


PRP supported hair transplantation – In this method, it is supported by own blood cells of our medical guest. Just before the hair transplantation, the blood taken from our medical guest is decomposed through a special procedure and the resulting plasma is applied on the scalp. Its advantage is that the survival rate of newly transplanted hair along their new location will be increased by about 5% from 90% which is already high. And its disadvantage is that it can’t be substituted for hair transplantation.


Robotic hair transplantation – This method is exactly same with FUE. The only difference is the roots are derived by a robot under supervision of a doctor instead of a punch by a surgeon. Its advantage is that the intervention can be performed more easily by a surgeon. Its disadvantage is that it is used by a technician more than a doctor.


IceGraft – In this method, the roots are waited in a special laboratory liquid to increase their survival rate during this process when they’re waited out of the body while preparing them for transplantation into new locations. The aim is to preserve the roots waiting out of the body in a most effective way.


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