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About Us

About Us

Transmed was established in February 1994 by Melike Külahçı, MD in Istanbul as an international medical center providing services in the field of hair and cosmetic surgery. Most up-to-date and state-of-the-art Hair Transplantation and Hair Treatment techniques are offered at our clinic.

Transmed’s Medical Director,  Melike Külahçı, MD, is a Board Member of ESHRS and  Board Member of ISHRS. In 2011, Transmed Team gathered the researchers and the surgeons from all around the world in “The Next Big Thing” Conference in Istanbul.

Our Vision

Becoming Turkey’s most trustworty and preferred Hair and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic with our Scientific R&D work and visionary clinical procedures. 

Our Mission

Providing the most suitable treatments to our medical guests with our experienced doctors and increasing the life quality of them with professional procedures.

Our Purpose

As Transmed Team, we aim to make the Transmed most trustworthy and followed clinic and establish a perminent bond with our medical guests. 

We work to achieve happiness in the mirror!

Our Values

Being Medical Guest Oriented: In every service that we provide, we value the purpose of high level satisfaction and fulfill our medical guests expectation 


In every medical services that we advice and provide to our medical quests, we give them a direction by only considering their health and guarentee these procedures’ safety while we keep our ethical approach. 


We adopt the principle of using the newest and modern medical technological applications in every medical service that we provide.

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