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17 Mar

Almost everyone, who suffers from hair loss, has the same questions in his mind.

Regardless of the location, whether they are from Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir; many people in Turkey and almost every country of the world look for the reasons of why their hair shed. This is followed by the searches to learn the solution methods. The most frequently asked questions about it are as follows: how is hair transplant donewhere to get hair transplantationwho is eligible for hair transplanthow much does hair transplantation cost?  Unfortunately, there are many contradicting statements in many sources on the internet.


They would like to make up their minds about hair transplantation by reading the experiences and comments of other people, who have had hair transplantation before, on the forum sites such as donanımhaberEkşi Sözlük, and Forum Memurlar.

However, each patient suffers from different type of hair loss and has a different reason to shed hair. According to our attending physicians, each patient’s experience is different than the others when it comes to hair transplantation. For this reason, prior to hair transplantation operation, each patient must visit and consult the attending physician, and get detailed information about the operation at first hand. It takes about 50 minutes, and all questions of our medical guests are answered as a result of the examination.

So, our medical guests will have had the chance to visit our clinic and get detailed information at Transmed Klinik after this discussion session. Visit our physicians and get the right medical information right now for free!

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