Hair and Scalp Hygiene with Ozone Therapy

30 Mar

It is of great importance both for men and women to have their hair cleaned with ozone therapy, because even if a person bathes every day, it is not possible to clean his hair and scalp equally. Ozone therapy aims to deep clean the scalp and purify the pores.

Ozone treatment is an easy procedure, which requires a bonnet to be put on the hair for 15 minutes. The follicles, where the hair strands grow, are of great importance, because the natural secretion of the skin, also called sebum, combines with the external contaminants, and clog the pores. These clogged pores disrupt the natural function of the follicles, and also fasten the male-pattern hair loss, because it contains DHT, which the testosterone transforms into.


Ozone treatment should be applied to the male patients once a month due to the reasons mentioned above. Especially those, who work in dirty environments, have a sweating scalp and use colored cosmetic products on their scalp on daily basis to conceal their partial hair loss and create the illusion of thicker hair, should prefer this treatment.

Ozone treatment is recommended for women to clean the dye and spray residues, to repair the damage caused by the frequent hair saloon visits, and to take precaution against the dandruffs which may transmit from the brushes used in the saloons. Ozone treatment cleans the follicles and ensure faster and healthier hair growth.

In addition to the regular ozone treatment, applying vitamin complexes on the hair roots helps hair to look brighter and more vibrant.

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