Hair Loss During Pregnancy May be an Indication of Vitamin or Mineral Deficiency

30 Mar

It is impossible to prevent hair from shedding after delivery, which has strengthened during pregnancy. If a woman suffers from hair loss during pregnancy, it means she has vitamin or mineral deficiency. Deficiency can be established with the aid of required tests, and can be restored with the proper treatment. Hair loss that occur out of the natural cycle, can be treated with Reversa.


Reversa treatment does not contain toxic substances

During pregnancy and postnatal period, local anesthetics should not be used as they are toxic to baby. The hair goes back to its normal routine 1 year after the delivery. In this period, Reversa treatment can be safely applied, as it does not contain any toxic substances.

We can describe the Reversa treatment as follows: The current scientific studies indicate that the healing blood cells, also called thrombocytes, can be effective on the hair growth/loss automation. It is concluded that when your thrombocytes are transformed into a viscous liquid and injected into hair follicles, they trigger the roots, and stimulate the growing stage. Especially for those, who suffer from severe hair loss, it stops fast shedding and prevents hair loss from worsening. Visit Transmed to get further information about this application, which was successfully presented at the world congress held in Boston in 2010 by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and gained ground in many medical fields.

Suggestions for the pregnant women:

  • The hormonal balance in the postnatal period should be checked by her physician.
  • The hair should not be tied up very tightly and with elastic hair ties.
  • Use shampoos that contain biotin and silica.
  • The hair is the weakest when it is wet; do not use fine bristle brushes.
  • Dry-blow your hair on cool setting.
  • Boost your hair with vitamin B, C, E, Biotin and Zinc.

Consume foods that are rich in protein and vitamin B in the postpartum period

During the postnatal period, foods that contain especially protein and vitamin B should be chosen; if needed, vitamin, especially biotin, should be taken as supplement. In the postpartum period, the iron deficiency anemia should be eliminated from the options.


As in any and all kinds of periods of hair loss, hanging upside down at a 45 degree angle with the legs raised above for 10 minutes will increase the blood circulation and have a positive influence on the follicles. The cobra position in yoga can create cell activation, which will pump blood into the thyroid gland and strengthen hair.

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