Mesotherapy in Hair Loss

17 Mar

Hair Mesotherapy can be used to treat and aid seasonal, stress-dependent, post-conceptional (except for the breast feeding period) hair losses as well as partial hair losses (Alopecia), and to aid hormone-related hair losses (such as male-pattern hair losses).


The hair mesotherapy ingredient contains vitamins, minerals and circulation-strengthening substances.

Your doctor must absolutely be consulted about the sensitivity for the injected medical mixture and systemic diseases.
It takes approximately 6 – 8 sessions to get a positive result. The first 4 sessions are held once a week, and the remaining sessions are held once every two weeks.
Depending on his/her pain threshold, the patient may suffer from mild pain and ache during the procedure.

There are many reasons why women suffer from hair loss.  For this reason, your doctor may ask for some blood tests, based on the detailed prior examination.   It would be more appropriate to detect the problems, if any, based on the tests, and cure them, before the procedure starts.

Mesotherapy is a treatment method that remains efficient as long as it is applied. Upon patient’s request, the sessions may continue on a monthly basis once the sessions are completed, or can be repeated as individual sessions (6-8 sessions), if needed.

Hair mesotherapy should not be applied under the following circumstances:

  • Ongoing infection on the relevant area
  • Some skin diseases (psoriasis etc.)
  • Autoimmune diseases (thyroids, type 1 diabetes etc.)
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