Stem Cell Supported FUE

8 Feb
Scientific studies have been focused on reproduction of tissues and organs since the officially announcement of human genetic codes that can be read in USA genetic laboratories in the 2000s. Hair follicle studies have made progress however still daily implementations...
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Which Hair Transplantation Method?

12 Jan
PRP supported hair transplantation, robotic hair transplantation, stem cell added hair transplantation, motorized FUE, unshaved FUE… The list continues! Well, which one among these hair transplantation methods is suitable for you? Let us look at the steps of hair transplantation...
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Statistics From World Hair Authorities

11 Jan
Transmed Hair and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Medical Director Dr. Melike Kulahci, who has a seat in the executive board of International Hair Restoration Surgery Association ISHRS, the world’s leading organization about hair transplant and the only Turkish doctor recommended in...
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