Suggestions About Hair Loss by Melike Külahçı, MD

22 Mar

Our hair is the mirror of our beauty. Even when we put on the best make-up or wear the most beautiful dresses, it is impossible to look good if we have unhealthy and neglected hair. For this reason, we have to take care of and protect our hair while we still have it. Here are the suggestions of Melike Külahçı, MD, who is the Medical Director of Transmed, to have healthier and better looking hair.


Boost your fine hair with silicone

Fine and limp hair is the most common problem among women, however, only a few of them knows the best solution to eliminate it. Heavy hair conditioners leave your hair limp. The best method is to use the silicone-based products containing cyclomethicone and dimethicone. Such products form a thin film-like layer on the hair, thus provide a voluminous look and eliminate the oily appearance. Even after it is washed off, silicone remains on the hair.

Eat fish and nut

What is good for your body is also good for your hair. Salmon and nut help you have a healthy scalp, as they contain protein and omega-3. Furthermore, leafy greens, beans and carrots are good for the hair. Diets to achieve fast weight loss result in brittle hair, and even may lead to hair loss.

Wash your hair with warm water

If you like to have shiny hair, you should wash your hair with warm water, instead of cold or hot water. Otherwise, the natural shine of your hair may disappear. Moreover, you must spoil yourself massaging your scalp while shampooing your hair.

Protect your hair against heat

If you frequently have your hair permed or dyed, you may harm the natural structure of your hair. Fortunately, the hair conditioners and hair repair creams that contain protein ensure the best protection for your hair until the next wash. Remember! If you do not use such products regularly, you cannot reap their benefit.

Hair color does not matter

The blondes have fine hair, however, the reds have thick hair to make everyone jealous. However, regardless of the color, you can thicken the individual strands of your hair.  Boost your hair with a hair conditioner or mousse, and start drying from the root of the hair. For extra volume, dry your hair in the opposite direction and use the dryer on low setting.


Do not try to treat your dandruff problem with oil

Dandruff is not a dry skin problem, it is an indication that your scalp suffers from a skin condition that is harmless to your health. It generally is stress-related. Applying oil on your scalp to get rid of dandruffs only worsens your condition. The best treatment is to consult a dermatologist and learn the right shampoo and hair care methods.

Brush your hair less

Losing 50 – 100 hair strands per day is normal. These are the hair strands which no longer grow and are located in the roots at the resting stage. However, excessive brushing may cause your hair to shed more than normal. In order to lose less hair, you should use a round tip hair brush while brushing. Do not style your wet hair with brush instead of comb.

Be careful with the braids

Braiding your hair is an important factor to show your style. However, you can damage your hair if you braid it too tight. Therefore, you should be gentle while braiding your hair. You should take a break from braiding your hair at least once every three months.

Expensive does not always mean good

Is it really necessary to pay more for special shampoos, in other words, for the drugstore shampoos? A research conducted on 1700 subjects putting their hair in a ponytail revealed that the expensive shampoos are as much effective as the cheap ones. If you have oily, fine or dyed hair, most of the time, choosing the right type of shampoo or hair conditioner will be enough for you.

Do not lose your hair just to get rid of your grey hair

As we age, our hair do not only go grey but it weakens and starts grow slower. Unfortunately, only way to hide your grey hair is to dye it. Since there is not escape from it, we have to prefer the most natural dyes to color our hair and avoid from the hair dyes that contain excessive amount of chemicals. Furthermore, if we choose lighter shades to color our hair, we ensure healthier hair.

Those who have curly hair should stay away from brushes

Curly hair is easier to dry, however, even easier to split. If you have curly hair, you can gently mix it with your hand instead of trying to straighten it with a brush. Hair conditioners that contain polymer will make your curly hair smoother and easier to handle. Excessive use of iron straighteners and texture looseners will damage your hair.

Do not ring sudden and radical changes on your hair color

Of course, every blonde would like to be a brunette, and every brunette would like to be a blonde once in a while. However, you should remember that radical changes in hair color damage your hair. Some dermatologists suggest to keep hair in three shades of their natural color.

Be careful with blow-drying!

Blow-drying is a harmful method. Therefore, it should be performed carefully. While blow-drying your hair, if you happen to feel excessive heating, change the setting to lower, even give a little break. Protect your hair with some hair creams or heat protectants before the blow-drying process.

Avoid sun

Sun may cause damage on your hair as much as it does on your skin. For this reason, you should protect your hair against sun. It is recommended to apply sun protective creams on the hair or wear a hat in hot and sunny days.


Take a shower before swimming

The chlorine in the pool may harm your hair. Therefore, it is recommended to take a shower before getting in the pool and wear a bonnet while swimming. For a more effective protection, you can use a hair product to balance pH.

Give a break from styling

Combing, brushing, drying methods and chemicals we use for better looking hair generally damage our hair. It is not recommended to dry your hair roughly with a towel. If your hair is so damaged, it is recommended to take a break from styling it for a while. So, your damaged hair will fall off and new hair will grow in a healthier way.

Notice the differences in your hair

Even if it is a rare occasion, excessive hair loss may be an indication of some health problems. Furthermore, some drugs may cause hair loss. If you notice excessive hair loss, you must consult a specialist.

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