What is The Reason of Beard and Moustache Loss ?

22 Mar

Beard and moustache have always been the symbol of masculinity from past to the present. With the hipster fashion taking the entire world by storm, beard and moustache are gaining solid ground.

Well, is there a solution for the congenitally less beard or moustache growth? The answer is yes! Melika Külahçı, MD, says:

We know how important hair is for a man’s appearance. However, beard and moustache are of great significance for a man’s self-confidence. Some men may not have as thick beard and/or moustache as they want to or his facial hair may not be distributed evenly.


Why do beard and/or moustache shed?

There can be many reasons of beard or moustache loss. Skin diseases, hormonal imbalances, laser epilation, burns or accidents may cause partial or general facial hair loss.

The major reason of the thin facial hair or facial hair loss is inheritance. Unfortunately, we cannot control the shedding facial hair. The distribution, thickness, quality and density of the beard and moustache are completely inherited. After puberty, if you have a thin beard or moustache, it can be cosmetically solved with the beard or moustache transplantation.

Contrary to what is said about the products sold or advertised online, there is no medical treatment to ensure new beard or moustache growth on the bald areas. The only way to restore non-existent facial hairs is to transplant beard and moustache hairs.

Who is eligible for the beard and moustache hair transplantation?

Beard and moustache hair transplantation can be performed after 20’s, when basal hormone levels are settled.

For those who would like to grow sideburn or stubble, however, have irregular or less hair growth on the relevant facial parts, this method is preferred.

Beard and moustache hair transplantation can be applied on all healthy men, who suffer from partially bald or completely bald patches on their faces.  It is also possible to transplant beard and moustache hairs on the scarred areas on the face.


How is the beard and moustache hair transplantation done?

Everyone with hair follicle is eligible for beard-moustache hair transplant. Hair follicles are removed from the area hosting thin hairs between two ears and just above the nape and ears, and the procedure starts.

Same as in the hair transplantation, those who agree to be shaved for the beard and moustache hair transplantation procedure, are shaved with FUE, and those who would not like to be close – shaved are shaved with FUT method.

The tissue healing in small scabs on the transplantation day, retrieves its previous appearance without any scar after 1 week.  No severe pain or ache is expected after this operation, which also applies for the hair transplantation.

Approximately eight or ten weeks after the procedure, the results start to show. It would not be possible to tell the difference between the hair strand transplanted in the beard or moustache area from the existing beard and moustache hair with the naked eye.

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